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Want to Learn to Fly?

Piloting a private aircraft is as close as man can come to flying like a bird, breaking the bond of gravity, and moving freely in three dimensions. It’s also a great way to travel and avoid traffic jams, bad roads, and the other annoyances of car travel. And it’s fast! Typical light airplanes travel at speeds of 120 to 250 miles per hour. With GPS, navigating from one place to another has never been easier. Though enamored with flight throughout history, man didn’t successfully achieve powered flight until 1903. Since that time, human ingenuity and determination has so greatly evolved the airplane, airports and navigation electronics that an airplane has become a safe and efficient way to travel. It’s also a lot of fun!

Redtail Air at Canyonlands Field, just north of Moab on Hwy 191 can put you in the pilot’s seat. Most pilots flying small to medium sized aircraft are licensed as private pilots. Redtail FAA certified instructors will introduce you to the joy of flying and guide you each step of the way to earning your private pilot license. It is a journey that will provide a lifetime of new experiences and challenges. Redtail’s experienced instructors can also teach you the flying skills necessary to obtain your Commercial pilot license as well as an Instrument rating. Redtail will soon be offering tail wheel endorsement training and back country flying experiences. Moab is in the heart of some of the best back country flying on the planet.

The first day of learning to fly, you will actually fly! You will be in the pilot seat of one of Redtail's Cessna 172s, a four place, single engine, high wing aircraft. The 172 is one of the most popular aircraft ever produced and is not only a good training platform, but is a great airplane to continue flying after receiving your private pilot license.

A Private Pilot license requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight time, which includes 20 hours of instruction. This is typically completed in about six months, but depends on the amount of time a person has available to invest in flying. A typical lesson includes 30 minutes of “ground school,” then an hour or so of flying the airplane, followed by a 30 minute debriefing to discuss what you learned. After 10 or 15 hours of flight time you will be ready to fly the airplane all by yourself (solo) but still under the watchful eye of your instructor. You will continue to perfect your flying skills, learn how to navigate from one point to another, and prepare for the written exam which will test your knowledge of the rules of the road and other things. When your instructor feels you are ready, you will take a flight with an FAA pilot examiner who will issue your license.

Once you have your license, you will have it for life. You must be at least 16 years old to fly solo with a student pilot certificate, and 17 years old to get a pilot's license. There is no upper age limit. Every two years you will take a flight review with your instructor, which is a refresher on rules of the road, emergency procedures, and flying skills. These are skills that you will continue to perfect and enjoy for the rest of your flying career.

Interested? Call Redtail Air today for more information or to schedule your first day of private pilot training, and take to the skies! It will be a lifetime adventure. Redtail Air: 435-259-7421